How Can I Create My Own Domain?

How Can I Create My Own Domain?

In 2020, it is absolutely essential to building an online store of you and your business. To expose your brand, strengthen your business, or get more customers and reputation–Website is an excellent platform for it. The name of the domain is the first thing to do to build a website. It is your website name or an address that visitors type in web browsers to search your site. If you need help with website design then please contact our team on the information at the bottom!

To make your fully functional website accessible to customers, you need to have a domain name and web hosting account. This guide will help you to register the name for your website without spending money for freelancers and website builders. To register the name of your domain is the foremost step while creating a website.

How Important Is The Domain Name?

The name of the domain is significant to nurture your business:

One can transfer the web host (reallocation of website files), but then the domain name will remain the same. People who visit your site regularly will not notice the transfer of web location. Your website visitors will simply type the same name and virtually moved to the new location of your website.

Credibility If you own a company, the name of the domain assure people to trust your service. There are very few people who trust business and brand without a domain name.

Domain name describes your service

It would be easy and convenient for people to visit your website by using a name which describes your company service or product name. No one is going to jot down an intricate name of your website to have your service.

Attain good sponsors

The name of the domain would be helpful to attain the attention of wealthy customers and reputable advertisements on your site. It will ultimately provide your website honour and reputation.

First impression 

The name of your domain is the first thing which visitors see about your service. A good name will certainly print positive and healthy impression while the bad name will compel visitors to leave your website.

For registration of 

the name of your own domain, follow these steps

Step 1: Choose the name of Domain your desire to have

There are no such restrictions while getting the name of the domain. You can register any domain name if it’s not registered yet and comprises of alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and hyphens —without spaces. So, you have an infinite number of possibilities while creating your own domain name

The following traits characterize a Good Domain name:

Selection of TLD

You have to pick from a range of TLDs while registering the name of the domain (top-level domain names). You can also choose .com, .net or .org.

Generally, one should choose .com — the most popular TLD. If you are operating in local markets other than the US, you will choose a local, country-based TLD (e.g. .it for Italy)

Easy to memorize

It should be easy to remember and easy to communicate so it can procure the attention of common and illiterate people too.


Your domain name should clearly reveal your business.

Legal to possess

Keep in mind while registering the name of the domain that it should not infringe on someone else trademark.

Step 2: Check Whether the name of your domain should not be registered previously

After having a shortlist of your preferred domains, check which are available or are not registered by someone else previously. This can be checked at Domain Typer which is so far quite reliable. It tells you whether the name of the domain is available as you start typing

  1. Start typing your domain name
  2. If your required TLD is not present. Add it by click Add button
  3. Select a name of the domain from your preferred list that’s available.

Step 3: Choose a Domain Registrar

A company that registers a name of your domain and gives you the full authority of the domain is called as Registrar. To the name of the domain, one has to register the desired name with the aid of registrars to a company known as ICANN.

First, you choose the name of your domain then pay a registration fee to the registrar to register the name of your domain. After this, you get right to use that name for a year, and you renew it after paying the same amount annually. Some commercial web hosts register the name of your domain without any cost.

It is better to register the name directly through registrar rather than through some web host. There were certain web hosts in the past that registered the domain under their own name, claimed themselves the owner of the domain. If you register directly with a domain name registrar, it assures that you are registered as the owner.

Ask them for the information of their name providers. You can obtain this information from your WebHost either visiting this site or through email. If your web host offers all of the things below, then you have chosen a good provider;

  • Offers names of domains free with full security
  • Offers to-install Word Press Without cost by just one click
  • Provides infinite bandwidth (no traffic limitations)
  • Provides full support to customers around the clock

The registrar places the name of your domain at a website temporarily particularly designed for you. It secures them, and after a short while completely build your website. Most registrars save your domain automatically to the respective website.

Some common Domain Name Registrars

Many registrars to register ain are currently present in the market. These industries are giving tough competition to each other. Their charges for the different services keep on varying the whole year.

Make sure about their rates before having their service by visiting their respective sites. You can pay your registration fee either through a credit card or a PayPal account to these registrars. Other than .com, they offer multiple TLDs .us, .biz, .info, .net, .org, .ws, .name, .tv,, and, etc.


It is the largest registrar. It offers .com names of a domain at $9.99 (with 20 cents) for 12 months (or $6.99 with 20 cents for moving to them from another domain name registering company).To manage the domain, they have as a system to connect the web.

It provides a particular privacy option where you can register the name of your domain by the name of the proxy business system. For all registrars, depending on your desired domains price varies.


It is most popular in the UK. It offers domain names at quite low prices. It provides a .com domain at $9.99 for a year. The cost of registration decreases more($8.29 for the transfer of the domain to them from other registrars).

They have a reliable web interconnection to look for your domains and a particular privacy y where you can register the name of your domain by the title of the proxy company. It offers multiple TLDs for registering the name of the domain.


It is quite popular, provides .com TLDs at cost of £6.99 for12 months, .uk at 99p for 12 months. They offer complete security of Privacy, which gives access to you to hide particular details from so the general public cannot view it.

Name cheap 

They provide .com TLD at the cost of $10.69 (with the addition of 18 cents) for 12 months ($9.69 for moving to them from other domain registrars). You can have a lot of TLDs as you desire from this registrar.