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How Much Is Your Website Worth?

For any businessman, it is important to know the value of his business. Running a business via maintaining a website and calculating its worth is essential to ensure how many risks you should take to increase your profit margin. To find out the worth of your website, you first need to know the worth, i.e., your website’s value.

How Can You Estimate Your Website Worth?

So you are putting your time, effort and investing your capital into a website. After a while, when traffic and net profit start to increase, if you are like most entrepreneurs, you would think about how much your website is actually worth?

Formula be like; Average of 12 months of net profit any number between 20 and 50

You can apply this formula for a growing, profitable business. This will only give you an estimate.

Your website’s real value will only be determined by how much one is willing to pay for it. If you are still reading this, we are sure you want to know how you can tilt the scale into increasing your profit.

How Can You Increase The Value Of Your Digital Business, A Website?

A potential buyer might consider the market value, your demand and then propose a balanced amount for your website. The market value of your asset will depend on a few possible things we will be discussing.

How Can You Increase The Average Net Profit?

If you increase your monthly revenue, your average annual profit will also increase. Thereby, according to the formula, your estimated value of a website will also exponentially increase. Who would not want to increase their annual income or increase their asset’s worth? Below are a few tips you can follow.

Own a Domain Name

Since there are so many domains in the market nowadays, a buyer would be inclined to be a website with a premium domain name than without it. You should get at least a domain name .com and one specific to your location ( or As you can see Our domain, We manly provide Our services in Essex, UK. So, We choose our domain specific to UK.


Content of your website needs to be such that it attracts and pulls in traffic to increase the net worth of your website and using SEO would assure that.

Traffic from multiple sources

Although SEO is a remarkable marketing channel, however, you should not always depend on one traffic sourcing tool. What if Google does not like your website, or Facebook increase the ad cost? You should have a variety of traffic streams so that your website’s worth is not totally dependent on one traffic source. So, you should:

  • Try to get sources from Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.
  • PPC Ads
  • RSS feeds
  • Email
  • Other blogs
  • Social media (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)

Have a strong audience other than your website, create a reputable, reliable brand. Social media following and the website together will make sure you can raise the bar of your net profit exponentially.


Smart entrepreneurs’ know-how and at which point they would want to leave the business and sell it off at a competitive price. So you have to decide and have a clear picture in your head as to what kind of a buy you won’t, and when at which point of your website’s journey you should sell it. In this article, At Essex Marketing we have outlined how incorporating SEO in your content, developing a social media reputation, and pulling in traffic from various channels will help increase the market value of your website.

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