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How to Design a Web Page Using HTML?

Creating a webpage is pretty easy, and you could use many different methods for that.

Practicing through a Browser

Starting off, you could first use a browser. Pick a browser that you are well into. You could choose from a variety of browsers, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Still, we advise you to use Internet Explorer to go along with this guideline easily.

All you need to do is start your browser. Once done, you will notice an Address Box; in that specific box, you can type any URL and search for the page you want. In this box, you will also find the address you are currently on. It is not always important to always open the browse option. If you do that, you no longer need to be connected to the internet; thus, you can check your files.

Execute a Data Sheet

Once you are creating a web page, you also need to make a data sheet. The information in this can be used to make your homepage for the webpage. Now you need to open word. Once that is opened, you need to make a datasheet that has your name, address, experience enlisted in it.

Remember that whatever information you give in here is to display that to everyone to see. So try never to give out private information. Now you can save your progress and close the sheet for now.

Designing a Page through HTML

Firstly you need to understand that what HTML is. It is basically a code that helps browsers to read documents online. With the passing, a stricter and new type of HTML has been introduced. The XHTML allows you only to write your code in lowercase letters. If you want to explore more on how a web code is written, you can simply open Internet Explorer and view the source.

Required Items before creating a Page

You will need an advanced version of the Notepad on your laptop. This software provides coding both in blue and red colour, which makes coding hassle-free for you. In the normal version of Notepad, all code appears in black, which can confuse. You will need a photograph of yourself, which is in the format of jpg.

For more organised work, you will need a personalised folder, in which you will store that image of yourself and all other web page-related documents.

How to Write A Code?

Here is the tricky part, what you need to is now open the updated version of notepad, make sure you have a clear screen. Type an HTML code on it; you can easily find this code from anywhere. The code will display that you are using XHTML type of format. Also, the selected language you are currently using as well.

After this, you list down the main information. This will have the coding, which will not be shown to the public. This can include the heading of your page or the type of content you are writing.

Always remember the heading is extremely important, as the browser will use this to detect your web page when individuals search for your type of website. Also, keep in mind that your heading should have an opening and closing tag when using XHTML.

Begin By Creating Your Main Page

Once done, you can now make a body for your main page. First, you need to create a body tag; now, you can enter some break elements; this makes it stronger. Breaks and other elements need to be created inside the block elements.

Now you will create your header. Type h1 indicates the first header, and type what you find suitable. To make your work more attractive, you can add some pictures and text. To save your time, you will enter some codes and then copy the data from your previously made datasheet.

You will also use a picture of yourself. You can always change the size of your image however you like. Once you are done with adjustments, you will now type in your first line.

Now Viewing What You Have Done

Now you must be thinking about the outcome of your webpage. Before looking at your work, you need to save it. In your advanced version of notepad, you will save it and remember to store it in the file you created for your webpage-related documents.

Your work will automatically save in the HTML format, and now you can go through it. All you need to is launch your work in Internet Explorer through your notepad, and now your webpage will be shown in the browser.

Titles According To Sections

Create different titles, allowing specific information to be organised—for example, your experience, education, or work address. You can bold these headings, so they grab the attention of the reader. You can end each specific section with a broken element. You will once again have to copy your data from the datasheet here.

 Important Links

If you want your webpage to improve or be viewed more, add links to popular web pages. This will improve your web page’s function and allow more users to interact with it as well.

Adding a YouTube video

The links we added before will allow an individual to stay on our page for a long time, but to keep them even more interactive, you can add a YouTube link to your webpage. All you have to do is go to YouTube, find yourself a video related to your web page, and then select the embedded icon.

A code will be shown; you have to copy and paste it in the notepad where your previous webpage code is. You can customise colours and borders as well. Make adjustments in the size of the screen as well. Before the code, add text such as “view the YouTube video below.”

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