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Pay Per Click Essex

Paid advertising.

We offer Paid Advertising as one of our Essex Marketing services, this includes Google Ads as one of the main platforms we offer, as well as Facebook, Instagram and retargeting ads. Paid Ads paired with Google organic search rankings can really 10x your site traffic overnight.

With Pay-per-click advertising, we try to determine an acquisition cost for work so we can accurately set a budget on what you can spend per sale.

Google Ads

Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) is one of the main platforms we are currently using to promote our Pay-Per-click service in Essex. We have found a massive traffic increase and converted sales with Google ads, this was because of a properly optimised ad and audience.

Pay Per Click Essex

Frequently asked questions

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click which is a paid form of advertising that allows businesses to advertise their business on google without the lengthy SEO campaign, PPC also allows you to get instant traffic to your website for a small fee.


This is one of the old age questions since the rise of search engines and really depends on your business model, SEO does require a lengthy and sometimes an expensive campaign to see any sort of results however once you have made that initial investment the results do last. PPC can be profitable as it enables your website or shop to get instant results and in some cases get instant purchases however once you turn the ads off your website won’t continue to be shown on the search.

How much does PPC cost?

The budget on your ads can be set by you so there is really not set figure on how much it costs, however, google gives you an average CPC (Cost Per Click) which allows you to see how many clicks you would get with your budget for example if the average CPC was £0.50 and you have a daily budget of £5.00 you can expect to have 10 clicks on your ad.

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