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SEO Keyword Research Tools in 2021

SEO Keyword Research Tools in 2020

To get the best advantages out of SEO, you need to utilize keywords. The question arises when you have to figure out what type of keywords you should add in your content, which requires intensive research. This article will give you a guide on how to research relevant SEO keywords for your web content.

Keyword Research – What Is It?

In brief, this is a way of identifying and pinpointing certain words (usually search queries) that can be added to your content to appear in the search engine results when those said keywords/queries are searched.

Researching for keywords will usually require tools that will help us target such words quickly and efficiently. These tools allow you to filter through hundreds of available keywords and pinpoint the best suitable for your content.

Keyword Research Tools – What Are They?

These tools are simply applications that allow users to assess and analyze the types of keywords that can be used on their web content in multiple ways. There are different types of available tools online, and each tool has its function and purpose with various features in it.

To find the best suitable keywords for your content, it is recommended to use multiple keyword tools instead of just focusing on one. These tools look for keywords based on the following factors:

Trends of keywords

  • The difficulty level of keywords.
  • Interlinked keywords.
  • Search Volume.

Are Keyword Research Tools Necessary for SEO?

Keywords are the main part of Search Engine Optimization, and to find the best-suited keywords for your content, you need keyword research tools. These give you an upper hand relative to your competition. Pinpointing and targeting specific keywords will allow you to reach out to your potential audience. This will help increase clicks and drive traffic to your website.

It is possible to not use keywords in your articles and still be ranked on the higher positions of search engines. However, you’ll be better off with keyword utilization as it will give you a greater opportunity to maximize the number of views and clicks you get on your website.

  • SEMRush

This tool is available in both the free version, as well as the paid version. Most of its users swear by it, and it is by far the top-ranked keyword research tool in 2020.

An in-depth analysis will be conducted related to keywords and research regarding competitors and their related queries. SEMRush also provides SERP and keyword gap analysis, along with multiple other features. Almost all of its users recommend this tool as it is an all-in-one type of tool.

Users can avail of the free version of SEMRush; however, its features may be limited compared to the paid version. The paid version will be slightly pricey for a few users, but it is worth it.

  • Exploding Topics

This tool is made in such a way that is analyses and dissects the trends of keywords in search spaces. This keyword research tool is a great way of finding out which type of topics you can upload onto your site to drive in a particular traffic type. A time period changing feature can also manipulate the period and help analyze data for up to 5 years.

This tool is available for free; however, a paid version with additional features can also be availed by users.

  • Keywords Everywhere

This Chrome extension is an excellent tool for SEO work. Its features include finding interlinked and related topics for a search query. This way, users can find topics and sub-topics that they can work on for their content websites.

Both free, as well as a paid version of this tool, is available for use.

  • Google Search Console

Though this tool is not used by many for keyword research purposes, it is quite underrated and has useful features.

Google Search Console will scan through your content and identify errors that need to be corrected, as well as opportunities for when it comes to keyword research. There is no paid version of this tool; it is completely free and is an official application developed by Google. If you’re looking for an exceptional free tool, this is the one.

  • Ubersuggest

This keyword research tool is available in both paid and free versions and is similar to SEMRush. UberSuggest has a variety of tools that are available and accessible to all. In the beginning, this tool was completely free. Nowadays, it is being charged for a cost that is lower than SEMRush’s price, which goes to show its accessibility. Granted, the paid version has more features available, but the free version can also be used.

This tool allows you to analyze domains and keywords, as well as SERP and keyword gap analysis. It also has a chrome extension available, which is quite similar to Keywords Everywhere.

  • Going Through Competitor Websites

Yet another ‘tool’ can be manually going through the competitor websites. You can analyze and take notes on how your competitor’s websites use keywords to draw more traffic onto their site.

When it comes to blog writing, always navigate competitor blogs to check out how they are putting out similar blogs.

The Best Keyword Research Tool

As mentioned above, each type of tool has different types of functions that it may offer. With that being said, SEMRush is deemed as the best tool when it comes to keyword research purposes. According to multiple users, it carries out research efficiently, and most users heavily rely on this tool alone because of its versatility. Guaranteed, its price may be on the higher side, but users will be getting their value for the price.


It is highly important to utilize keyword research tools as the keyword trends keep changing on s timely basis. These tools will help you find intent, subtopics, and various other materials to put out content that will be most suitable and helpful for users. These tools are an excellent way of appearing on top of the Google search engine.

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