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Should I Get A Website For My New Business?

If you’re wondering whether you should have a website for your business, the answer is yes. It’s understandable why most business owners would halt the process of making a website for their new business or simply not have one at all. The reasons are usually amongst the lines of “I’m not very good with technology” or “Website development is costly, and the funds can be used elsewhere.” However, if one pauses to think about the rapidly developing times that we live in, they’ll realize the utmost importance of having a website for their business.

Given numerous technological advancements, consumer tastes and behaviours change rapidly, and business has to adapt to such changes in an efficient manner quickly. Most companies and transactions are now done online, preferably, and having a website is a key way of grasping your target audience and bringing in potential customers. Still not convinced? We’ve compiled together with the top 6 reasons why a new business should have its own website.

A website gives off a professional look for a business

A business having a website will make it more reliable and credible, allowing consumers to put their full trust in you. In fact, it has been estimated that around 84% of consumers only choose those businesses that have social media profiles as well. Because most consumers now spend a large chunk of their time online, 30% of them won’t even consider your business if you don’t have your own website.

Having your own website allows you to have a personalized and professional email or a direct way of contacting you through live messages. It also allows you to showcase any certifications, awards, or credibilities your business might have received, further adding to the professional look most business websites aim to achieve.

Attracting new customers through SEO and Google

For a new business to grow, SEO techniques can be utilized and used on the website to appear on the topmost positions of search engines such as Google. This will make your website available to more consumers, creating awareness about it, and ultimately increasing potential and existing customers. In fact, 93% of most business’ current and existing customers found them through search engines, which further stresses the importance of owning a website and SEO. When you targeting a Local Audiance. It is essential to work on Local SEO. At Essex marketing, We helped many Businesses in Essex to grow their business with our service.

A business owner should optimize their website accordingly to ensure that its target audience views their website. In case you’re unsure about putting in funds for SEO tools, there are multiple free SEO tools available that can be used and accessed by anyone.

You have a better outlet for showcasing business products and services

With high-quality pictures of your products, as well as 4K HD videos of your products and services, you can easily encapture your potential customers’ attention. Web designing can feature specific products and services that a business deems worthy of more attention and has more significant potential to be a favourite amongst customers. Companies’ can also utilize technology so that customers can have a 3D view of the area they are operating in, for instance, the restaurant’s ambience and atmosphere. Products and services can also be tailored to target a business’ audience through a website.

Increasing industry to industry transactions and reach

Businesses in the industrial and manufacturing businesses should have a B2B website to reach out to more B2B buyers through digital content. In fact, 75% of B2B buyers claim that a business’ website makes or breaks their buying decision. According to 65%, the products and services are finalized through the website of a business, further stressing that it is of utmost importance to showcase your products in the best light possible.

B2B buyers do intense research before they come to a buying decision, and even then, they are keener on conversing with a business’ sales representative before they finalize their decision. B2B buyers expect a business website to have 24/7 online chat support and for the website to be a helpful channel that guides them through the overall buying process.

Showcasing reviews to develop trust in potential customers further

A website will allow your new business to display its best reviews from previous or existing customers. This will act as written and online proof regarding the quality of your products and services and your customers’ general experience. Such reviews add more to the credibility of a business and establish trust in consumers. Most consumers usually check the reviews of a product or service before they finalize their buying decision, so adding a review archive will ultimately benefit your company.

It will help establish your business properly

As a small business, your main goal is to keep your business up and to run. The first action that you need to take is to keep up with the times and create a website for your business. A high-quality website will allow you to build it differently from your competitors, highlighting your unique selling points and what sets you apart from other businesses. It will also help bring success to your business in the long term as this era is digitized, and without a website, your business will be non-existent. Investing in one right now will ultimately be beneficial for you and your business in the long run.

To put it simply, even if you think your business doesn’t necessarily require a website, you’re better off having one. Managing and owning sites is relatively simple and cheap these days, given the multiple tutorials and free services available online, and is an excellent opportunity to help expand one’s new business.

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