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What SEO Tools Do You Use to Complete an SEO Audit?

When we talk about digital marketing, the important thing which counts the most to make a website error-free is SEO auditing. It is the key element that is frequently used for identifying all the drawbacks present in a website.

Whether you want to make your website among the most rated ones or want to beat your competitors, an SEO audit helps all of them. Numerous SEO tools are available to complete SEO auditing and are making the auditing process easy for the auditors. It is imperative to choose smart tools to make the auditing process easy and less time-consuming. Let’s talk about the best SEO tools, which are a new hype these days.

Ahref’s Site Audit

Are you dealing with a technical issue on your website, and it is not properly recognised yet? If yes, instead of searching the solution on Google, look at Ahref’s dashboard. It is one of the finest SEO tools on the internet and can recognise more than 110 complex technical errors.

Ahref’s Site Audit not only instantly finds what and where the problem is but also fixes it. Ahfer literally crawls every JavaScript page without leaving any bit of it. The best part is that you do not have to install clumsy software when auditing your website with Ahfer’s Site. Moreover, the scanning is also quite quick.


Do you want to know what keywords are keeping your competitors’ websites active and the SEO world’s top rank? Getting your hands on the extension of Growthbar can unlock all such secrets.

As its name tells, Growthbar allows organic traffic to grow at your website by exploring the relevant and top-rated keywords, the word count of your pages, and domain authority as well. If you want to unlock the keywords and channels that could serve your website’s growth, Growthbar is the right choice.

Screaming Frog

Do you want to inspect your whole website on your computer in one go? If yes is the answer, then this tool could be helpful to you. However, calling it completely an SEO audit tool won’t be correct because it works more similarly to a tool used for crawling websites.

By entirely crawling the website, it reveals all the SEO-related issues present within your website. Although not a complete auditing tool, it still reports over 30 specifications, including security, meta descriptions, anchor texts, out-links, etc. If you have a big website with more than 500 pages, choose Screaming Frog as the correct one.


It is easy to use and one solution altogether to track the performance of your website. Whole SEO data is being merged at one place by Sitechecker, so auditors do not have to worry about different auditing parts of a website one by one.

By installing a free Sitechecker extension, one can easily increase SEO performance and enhance pages’ quality. If you want to make the audit process smoother and easier, you can go for the premium version of Sitechecker, which is paid and offers payment methods for all your SEO needs, including ‘how to fix’ guides and clear designs.

SE Ranking Webpage Audit

This tool is among the leading SEO tools used to audit large as well as small websites. Unlike other SEO tools, it recognises and presents the issues and helps auditors prepare task lists that designers, writers, and web developers can easily look into.

SE Ranking Website works on the whole website and covers over 70 parameters, including analysing images, pages and content, and domain overview. The main feature of SE Ranking Website Audit, which makes it stand apart from all other available options, summarises all the problems in a single report. Once the report is analysed, it can be saved in PDF form and used anytime in the future.

Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader is set up by HubSpot, which has enabled SEO tools, and it quickly summarises the whole website. As compared to the other tools, auditors find it a little bit complex. This is because it reciprocates many data and information that may not be required during the process. It gives a comprehensive understanding of a website’s data and statistics by overlooking your mobile website, blogs, and pages.

SuperHero Solution

There is a new completely free app known as benchmark hero, which allows your website to be audited completely. After it is done, it prepares a report and provides you important insights.

Those insights basically tell you why you are not meeting your profit goals. It will then compare your store to other popular and successful stores and compares your progress with them. Highlighting the key factors that lack behind in your online store. Here is how you can use it;

Audit your website: Firstly, this technology will rank your store, judging it upon criteria such as reliability, sales, retail, and progress.

Benchmark: It will compare it with the top trending stores and rank it accordingly.

Actions to be taken: Last but not least, it will take you through a process through which you can get high rankings for your store and upgrade your progress.

Crawling Deep Within

There’s an app known as Deep Crawl, which gives your in-detail reports and is also in touch with loads more pages. It could be a very useful tool for you if you manage huge retail projects. It will also provide you with surveys related to your competitors in the market and show you how their site is constructed or what content they use. It also gives you services, such as scheduling your tasks, including when to load webpages or links. They give you an opponent to manage your team seamlessly without any hassle.

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